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Lady Jennifer & Sir Christopher's Wedding

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Basic Medieval Speech

My favorite part of going to a ren faire is building a character. Not only is it fun to dress up, but also to speak in different way. If you are interested in learning more about building a character and learning some phrases for the wedding, please visit
Below, I have listed some medieval words and phrases.
Medieval Words
  • anon (until later)
  • morrow (day)
  • e'en (even/evening)
  • fare-thee-well (goodbye)
  • aye/yea (yes)
  • nay (no)
  • ne'r (never)
  • oft (often)
  • wherefore (why)
  • mayhap/perchance/belike (maybe)
  • enow (enough)
  • aroint (away)
  • verily (very/truly)
  • prithee/pray (please)
  • fie (a curse)
  • grammarcy (thank you)

Medieval Phrases

Dost thou knowest the time? (Do you know the time?)

Wher is the privy? (Where is the restroom?)

What say you? (What do you say?)

Tis most splended! (Alright!)

 I bid you (I ask you)

 Come hither! (Come here!)

 Adieu, My Good Ladies (Goodbye, Ladies)

If you are interested in learning more about medieval language, I recommend you read this article.



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