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Lady Jennifer & Sir Christopher's Wedding

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Home Decor

"Decorating Our New Home"

Lady Jennifer and Sir Christopher have bought a co-op at North Isle Village in Coram. Hopefully, we will be moving in by the end of August/ beginning of Sept. However, we do not have a closing date yet. Below are the themes we will be following to furnish our new home.
The theme for the kitchen is mickey mouse. We are following a black, white, and red theme. We already have a mickey parts tea kettle, mickey popcorn maker, salt and pepper shakers, smoothie maker, dish drying rack, mickey plates, and 4 small/ 4 large mickey glasses.
We are currently looking for: mickey sink mat
The bathroom is going to have a seashell theme with pastle colors. Unfortuntely, the Walmart pattern I picked out was discontinued. I have some decorations around.
Bar Area
For our bar area we have decided to go with a deck of card theme. We've found some drink glasses and some shot glasses.
Living Room
We are following a fantasy theme for the living room. We like dragons, wizards, fairys, ect. We don't really have much of anything for the living room yet, except for some coasters.
Still tossing around ideas.... Haven't decided on anything yet.